1. Why should I choose Goetz Construction to build my custom home?
  2. Buying Power
  3. What is a custom home?
  4. How can I personalize my home?
  5. What’s my first step?
  6. What happens next?
  7. What are my responsibilities?
  8. What if I want to upgrade?
  9. How long does construction take?

1. Why should I choose Goetz Construction to build my home?
Third generation builder with construction history over 70 years. Mike’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M University. Additional studies include architecture through the TAMU branch in Florence, Italy and business at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

  • Experienced building in some of Houston’s most established and prestigious communities
  • Long term relationships with craftsmen and trades
  • Qualified licensed professionals including engineers and architects
  • Owner directly involved in development and construction planning
  • Active member of the Greater Houston Builder Association and the Custom Builder Council, sitting on the Steering Committee.
  • Member of National Association of Home Builders
  • Member of CB-USA, a national Custom Builder purchasing network; founding member of Houston chapter currently serving on the Board of Directors and Vendor Selection Committee
  • For twelve consecutive years GCC has been selected for membership to the exclusive Southern Living Custom Builder Program

2. Buying Power:
Through CB-USA membership, Goetz Construction is able to command purchasing power and provide cost containment for our homeowners. This additional value is affected through a preferred vendor network, cooperative dialogues to make real-time decisions based upon current market conditions, periodic review of best management practices, and access to a pricing structure that is normally reserved for larger production builders.

3. What is a custom home?
A custom home is one which has been designed and built to the needs and preferences of a specific homeowner. The process of planning, designing and constructing a true custom home can be quite detailed and requires an experienced team to execute.

4. How can I personalize my home?
The plan and the finishes you select are a reflection of your personality and preferences. Through an in-depth interview we will determine what sort of finishes you would like in your home, from wall colors to fine millwork finishes to detailed tile design.

  • Design Phase Selections (prior to commencement of construction):

Exterior Finishes
Front and Exterior Doors
Interior Doors and Finishes
Plumbing Fixtures
Window Selection

  • Construction Phase Selections:

Floor Finishes
Lighting fixtures
Kitchen and Bath Countertops
Paint and Stain Colors
Tile Selections

NOTE: Detailed specifications including photographs of the selected items are a part of your construction agreement to be certain that your precise choices are honored.

5. What’s my first step?
First familiarize yourself with the Builder’s product including quality of workmanship and level of detail and finish work. A qualified builder is experienced in the mechanics, implementation and cost of the design and can help you achieve a home to your tastes within your budget.

6. What happens next?
Through an in-depth interview with the Architectural Designer and the Builder, we are able to determine your desired needs, lifestyle and personal tastes and begin the architectural design process.

Once design has been agreed upon, we introduce you to our Interior Designer. Working with a professional, you will make your unique selections. Our experienced Designer will prepare a design scenario for your approval.

7. What are my responsibilities?
Third party financing arrangements, if applicable.
Coordination with the Interior Designer to make timely selection of finishes and other items.

Regular visits to your home during construction. If something doesn’t look right, bring it to the attention of the Construction Supervisor as soon as possible. Please use caution when entering a construction site.

8. What if I want to make changes?
You may find the need to make changes after construction has begun. There are some constraints due to the engineering integrity, but, whenever possible, your satisfaction with the completed product is our highest goal.

9. How long does construction take?
Typically, the quality of construction produced by Goetz Construction Company requires an average of nine (9) months from breaking ground. (Please note that this is not the date the contract is signed.) This can be affected by complexity of design, square footage of home, weather and material/labor availability.

Before construction is started, 2-3 months can easily be spent on designing, engineering and permitting.

We sincerely hope that this information will answer many of your questions and address your concerns. Please be assured that we continue to be open to any additional questions that may arise. We want you to be no less than delighted with your new Goetz Home. 713/785-HOME (4663)